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If you are physically fit, with good eyesight (wearing glasses if necessary), and aged at least fourteen years old, you can take a course of instruction with Middlesex COunty Football Association where you will be prepared by F.A. Licensed Referee Instructors for a straightforward examination set by The Football Association. Courses were previously arranged independently by North Middlesex Referees Society; however, all referee training is now centrally co-ordinated by Middlesex County FA on behalf of The Football Association.

Candidates initially qualify as Level 9 (Trainee Referees), and after successful completion of 6 eleven a side matches involving offside, and the completion of a further module, candidates are reclassified as Level 7 referees, the first rung of the ladder that can lead to the very top of the profession. Those referees who qualify aged 16 or under are reclassified as level 8 (Youth) referees.

Daytime courses can be arranged for schools and colleges on their own premises.

New regulations provide conditions for playing football by children between the ages of seven and eleven years (mini-soccer). A two and a half hour course can also be provided for schools, clubs and team organisers interested in refereeing mini-soccer matches. The aim of this course is to offer sufficient knowledge for candidates to successfully referee these games where registered referees are not available. Parents of players should also be encouraged to attend such a course as many problems from this source are often caused through ignorance of the Laws.

Courses can also be arranged in Futsal.

To find details of the next available courses, E-Mail Middlesex County F.A. here