These Standing Orders must be read and enforced in conjunction with the Rules of the Society.

  1. The Chairman shall normally take the Chair at a meeting of the Society or the Society Council, but in his absence the Vice Chairman shall do so. In the absence of both, a Chairman for the purposes of that meeting only shall be nominated by the Society Council. For the purposes of these Orders, “Chairman” shall mean the person acting as Chairman for that meeting, and not Chairman of the Society.
  2. The Agenda for the Ordinary monthly meetings of the Society shall include the following items:
    1. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting(s).
    2. Matters Arising from the above Minutes.
    3. Correspondence.
    4. Reports of the Officers, Delegates to the Committees of the County Referees’ Association, and any sub-committees.
    5. Proposals received by the Honorary Secretary (See Standing Order 3).
    6. Any Other Business.
    7. Guest Speaker or any other Special Business.
    The order of appearance of items on the Agenda may be varied at the discretion of the Chairman.
  3. Business resolutions may be submitted to the Honorary Secretary to be put before the next ordinary meeting of the Society, or may be submitted on the evening of the meeting itself. Such motions must be proposed and seconded, and assented by five other Society members entitled to vote, or shall be proposed by Council. The motion shall then be placed on the Agenda according to Standing Order 2, item e). A decision to refer the matter to the Society Council or to the next ordinary meeting of the Society may be made by the Chairman of the meeting or by five members rising from their seats. Such a decision may only be made for any given resolution, and may not be made at all if it is ruled by the Chairman that it is essential that the resolution be voted on without delay.
  4. Each speaker shall address the Chair and, except at the discretion of the Chair, shall not speak for longer than 5 minutes on any one subject. A member shall not speak twice in reference to a motion or an amendment. However the mover of an original proposition or of an amendment which has become part of the substantive proposition shall be entitled to the right of reply, limited to points raised during the discussion of the motion. Asking or answering a question by permission of the Chair shall not be considered as a speech.
  5. In the event of a proposition “To proceed to next business” being moved by a member rising from his seat, it shall immediately be put to the vote. If the proposition is carried, all other propositions on the subject then under discussion shall be considered null and void. Once a subject has been discussed and voted on, it shall not be introduced again during that or the following meeting.
  6. The amendments shall be discussed and voted on in the order in which they appear on the Agenda, with the substantive motion being discussed and voted after discussion of all the amendments. No amendment shall be discussed or voted on until the amendment preceding it has been disposed of.
  7. The Chairman’s count of any vote may be challenged only by five or more members rising from their seats. The Chairman shall the appoint tellers as necessary.
  8. In the event of a point of order being raised, the person then speaking shall immediately resume his seat until the Chairman has given his decision.
  9. The rulings of the Chair shall be strictly obeyed. When the Chairman rises, any member then speaking shall resume his seat. In the event of anything not provided for in these Orders, the Chairman shall use his discretion as to the best course to adopt in the interests of the Society.