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The Referees’ Association (RA) is the national body for Referees. The RA is independent of, but works closely with, County Football Associations to ensure that matters affecting referees are discussed and resolved. These include law changes, current interpretation, assaults and other problems affecting referees nationally.
North Middlesex Referees Society (NMRS) Is one of some 350 local Referees’ societies that are spread all over the country; some are referred to as Societies, others as Branches, Associations, or Clubs. They often work closely with local leagues to aid recruitment, and to ensure that any parochial problems are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. NMRS meets on a monthly basis throughout the season; Guest Speakers are invited; training sessions are held; social events arranged; and local problems - including Match Incidents - are discussed.
So what is the link between the Society and the National Body? All Societies must be a member of a County Referees Association (CRA). North Middlesex, together with the AFA and London Society of Association Referees, form a County Referees Association known as the Amateur Football Alliance County Referees Association (AFA CRA). This Association operates with Officers and a delegate from each Society who, like the Officers and Committee of this Society, are elected annually in a democratic manner. The AFA CRA send a delegate to the locally held annual RA Liaison meeting which reports back to The RA Board, who meet at least four times a year. All delegates and officers of the AFA CRA Committee are elected annually in a democratic manner.
The National Structure for the Society is:
As a full member of NMRS you are a member of the RA. The Objects of The Referees Association are clearly defined in their rules, and include:

  1. provide insurance, and financial support for members.
  2. improve the status and reputation of referees.
  3. protect members from injustice or unfair treatment.
  4. promote, educate, train and develop referees in general.
  5. promote the best interests of the game of Association fotball.
  6. provide guidance and support for members of local Societies.

What are the Benefits of RA Membership?
Insurance - The major benefit is the Personal Accident Insurance Policy. For a small amount, the insurance policy covers you whilst actually refereeing; travelling to and from a match; attending meetings (including travelling to and from home); attending organised training; and loss or theft of kit whilst at a match. Full details are available to members on request, as it is now no longer a requirement that each member who has paid the insurance premium is supplied with a copy of the terms of insurance. A range of increased benefits are also available - for an additional premium – and members should contact the insurers direct if they wish to take up these benefits. Additionally, active referees who are over the age of 75 can now be covered by the Insurance subject to an additional premium being paid. Physiotherapy insurance is now also available for a premium of either £25.00 or £35.00 dependent on the level of cover required.
Supplies - A full range of equipment is available from The RA - and often at a lower cost than if you bought it from a local sports shop. By purchasing equipment in bulk, the RA is able to pass the cost savings on to its members. Publications by top names are also available, along with "The Referees’ Association Manual of Guidance" which gives advice to the referee on such varied subjects as diet, law queries, training, pre-match preparation, match control and lots more. "The Assessors Challenge" is another book that forms essential reading for every referee and assessor. It deals with every aspect and quality required for promotion. All items are available from the Society’s Supplies Officer – although kit may need to be ordered. The Society’s Supplies Officer is also able to supply you with kit and other refereeing items from a range of suppliers to make your purchasing requirements easy.
Refereeing is a joint publication of the Football Association and the Referees Association. It is mailed direct to all registered referees by the Football Association. The magazine includes features and updates from the Football Association and items of RA-FA and RA news.
Benevolent Fund - It is hoped that you never have to apply for assistance from the Fund but, sadly, some of our members do fall on hard times through sickness and other reasons. The NMRS Fund is available to all NMRS members, and the RA Fund is also available to full members.
Why do I receive two different Membership Forms each year?
You will receive Membership Renewal Forms from both NMRS and the CFA with which you are registered, although not necessarily at the same time. The CFA form will also show the ‘three lions’ badge of the FA, as the FA now has overall responsibility for the registration of all referees, although you will still be parented by a local CFA. When you successfully completed your six matches, following your completion of the Referees Examination, you were automatically registered with a CFA appropriate to the area in which you live, and this is most likely to have been either Middlesex; London; Hertfordshire; Essex; or the AFA. During your training, you will have been invited to take up Trainee Membership of NMRS. If you want to continue with your refereeing, then registration with a CFA is a compulsory requirement. However, the CFA’s and RA-FA are unable to offer you the benefits available locally through NMRS. Whilst your membership of NMRS is entirely voluntary, it is strongly recommended as you will be able to participate in regular meetings held throughout the season - on local territory with the opportunity to discuss relevant local matters; meet and hear Guest Speakers; and receive regular training updates, along with the other benefits outlined above.
Note - Abbreviations that are commonly used in magazine articles or in reports at meetings.
AFA - Amateur Football Alliance
AFA CRA - Amateur Football Alliance County Referees Association
CFA - County Football Association
CRA - County Referees Association
LFA - London Football Association
MCFA - Middlesex County Football Association
R.A. - Referees Association
RA-FA - Referees Association/Football Association - partnership for co-operation between the RA and FA
Updated July 2013